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Struktūros gerinimas

Virtually all construction sites, ranging from housing developments to major infrastructure projects rely on unpaved roads and platforms for temporary access. Many sectors also require such roads for relatively long term service in industries such as quarries, mines, onshore wind farm energy and forestry roads. Often these roads run over weak or variable ground conditions which can present huge problems when subjected to constant heavy loads. It makes access expensive, difficult and time-consuming, as well as impacting on the environment, safety, and vehicle maintenance costs.

How Tensar TriAx geogrids help

The answer can be to mechanically stabilise the granular fill with Tensar TriAx® geogrid.  Quite simply, the fill aggregate particles interlock with the triangular apertures in the geogrid to create a mechanically stabilised layer. TriAx® geogrids have near-uniform 360o tensile stiffness which creates an efficient stiff composite layer with outstanding performance under traffic loading.  

Longer life with reduced layer thickness

The fill aggregate particles interlock with the triangular apertures in the geogrid to create a mechanically stabilised layer.

The benefits

Introducing  TriAx® geogrids to unpaved roads and hard standings can bring significant benefits compared with an unstabilised aggregate layer:

  • Reduced layer thickness: the granular layer can often be reduced by up to 50% with no performance loss. This may also mean that less subgrade soil needs to be excavated and disposed of
  • Longer life: with an improved bearing capacity and control of differential settlement, the service life of the road can be increased

  • Lower quality and recycled aggregate fill: With increased layer performance, the use of a mechanically stabilisation may enable the use of lower quality fill materials such as reclaimed aggregates
  • Long term cost savings: less excavation, less aggregate, plus the potential for the use of reclaimed aggregates can reduce construction costs and halve construction CO2 emissions, to produce savings in both cash and carbon currencies

Whatever your project, we can help

Tensar’s innovative technology has been extensively used worldwide, and a full range of case studies and brochures is available. Tensar has developed powerful TensarPave™ software to enable designers to arrive at the optimum solution for specific project conditions. We also offer full technical support, including expert advice in geogrids, specifications, drawings, certified designs and cost analyses. Tensar’s Stabilisation workshops can get you up to speed with Tensar Technology for your project.

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