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Darbo platformos (polių įrenginių, kranų ir kitos sunkiosios technikos aištelės)

Safety is critical when using mobile cranes, piling rigs and other heavy plant on construction sites – particularly over weak and variable ground. What’s needed is a safe working platform.

How Tensar geogrids help

Tensar® TriAx Geogrids mechanically interlock with a well graded granular fill resulting in particle confinement which amongst other benefits increases the bearing capacity of the resulting Tensar mechanically stabilised layer or MSL. This allows heavier static loads from cranes or piling rigs to be carried or platform thicknesses to be reduced to cater for heavy rig loading.

Whatever your project, we can help

Tensar’s innovative technology has been used worldwide, and a full range of case studies and brochures is available. We also offer full technical support including expert advice, specifications, drawings, certified designs and details of pricing, and we regularly run free design workshops across the globe.

Increase bearing capacity and improve safety

Tensar TriAx® geogrids can not only create safe areas of hard standing but also be very cost effective too, using a reduced quantity of fill.

The benefits

Using geogrids TriAx to create a working platform or storage hard standing has significant benefits over non-stablised aggregate:

  • Increased bearing capacity: the mechanically stabilised layer has an increased bearing capacity creating a safer and more reliable base for heavyweight machinery
  • Reduced layer thickness: the granular layer can be reduced by more than 50% with no performance loss. This may also mean that less subgrade soil needs to be excavated and disposed of

  • Lower quality and recycled aggregate fill: With increased layer performance, the use of a Tensar MSL may enable the use of lower quality fill materials such as reclaimed aggregates
  • Long term cost savings: less excavation and use of reclaimed aggregates can reduce construction costs and halve site CO2 emissions

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